Sunday, June 6, 2010

That Fellow in the Coat Artworks

My entry to TFITC's contest by ~WarnerFan14 on deviantART

This is one of the artworks that was made for That Fellow in the coat but never was shown.I think it's still good...don't you?

No. 2-TFITC Contest Entry by ~WarnerFan14 on deviantART

This one made it in...I remember Cats Don't Dance when it aired on Boomerang...ages ago...

No. 3 -TFITC Contest entry by ~WarnerFan14 on deviantART

I remember saying to myself when the video was on for this art was 'Oh my God! I can't believe I did this...'

It's (the "bad" wow).

No. 4 -TFITC Contest entry by ~WarnerFan14 on deviantART

This one...could of done better but seeing as I've never watched Buffy,that says a lot!

No. 5 -TFITC Contest entry by ~WarnerFan14 on deviantART

I actually quite liked this one...really.It feels a little more a WB than a
Disney charecter for how I drew Jose Carioca.

No. 6 -TFITC Contest entry by ~WarnerFan14 on deviantART

The video for this hasen't been made yet but I'll let you know soon...

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