Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To Tom R.

Thank you ever so much for subscribing to my blog.
You are an amazing cartoonist (you have an Emmy for god's sake).

I was actually suprised when I saw who my 2nd follower was and I was jumping for joy.
You really are a legend and one of my cartoonist idols!

I find your comics to be some of the funniest I've seen (especially 'Drippy') since Animaniacs and YES...I have seen 'A pup named Scooby Doo'.

One of my favourite episodes of Animaniacs (from one of your episodes) is the one where Wakko makes farting noises with his hand but the last one was REAL! Classic!

I wish I could go to America if Animaniacs manages to return and become a writer/director/layout artist for Animaniacs. I even want to make a series for Nickelodeon called 'Swedish Lives' but I want the pilot to be an animated short that could win an Academy Award (if possible).

You might want to know what I think of today's cartoons.They're all heading rock-bottom and we NEED you back doing more Animaniacs and other shows we all loved and still do.

Your cartoons had a charm to them.A charm that can't be recaptured by another person.
Your cartoons could be sad,happy,incredible,epic,magnificent and just plain wonderful.

I love your work and always will. In my eyes,I see a man who can do so much to make entertainment a better medium and I know you still have that charm.

People have said that cartoons are only for kids...WRONG! Cartoons can appeal to all ages (like in the '40s and '90s) and that's what you're cartoons do,appeal to all ages.

This artwork preety much describes my happiness:
Happy Alec by ~WarnerFan14 on deviantART

In short,thank you so much Tom Ruegger.You are a wonderful cartoonist and great friend. I highly appriciate your work and will always love Animaniacs no matter what.



PS:I strongly look forward to your response.

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